About Us

With chic interiors and décor that highlights nature’s finest, fun elements and attentive, happy staff, the award-winning Pastels Salon has become synonymous with a luxurious client journey.

Passionate about hair, nails and beauty, Pastels Salon is committed to ongoing education for its staff. Defined by its mission statement “To inspire, educate, learn, create and deliver beauty and outstanding services to one and all every day” the salon has curated a menu of the world’s most acclaimed hair and beauty treatments, which is delivered by an international, expertly trained staff to ensure your time in the salon (which we call the Pastels’ experience!) is one you will never forget and one you will be dying to repeat!

“I want our salon spaces to offer creative expertise, warmth, comfort and positive joyous energies – a space that embraces you & makes you feel at home” – Ruksher Malik, Co-Founder of Pastels Salon

The Salon Branches

In an intimate space and offering a unique combination of outstanding service, caring staff and fabulous treatments, the pampering, relaxing experience Pastels’ clients enjoy during a salon visit transcends the ordinary and transforms even the most routine appointment into a special event, where every exquisite moment can be – and should be – savoured.