6 Hair Trends You Will See Everywhere This AW!

2020 has been a unique – to say the least – year but as September rolls on and the Autumn trends are reigning supreme in stores, perhaps it’s time to embrace the season’s newest hair trends to update your style.

Colour Trends:

  1.  Shadow root: Lived-in, more natural looking hair is definitely one of the most popular trends this year as a whole  and this low-maintenance hair look is a perfect option for blondes. The secret to achieving this look is that it’s blended well.
  2. Warm highlights: Highlights are a brilliant way to add depth and dimension to your look. This year, warm shades  such as champagne, caramel and honey tones, will be popular. 
  3. Reflective red: Muted red tones are super trendy and highlights and colour slashes can be used to give the hair a subtle but effective pop of red that provides the hair with a multi-dimensional, interesting look.

The go-to cuts:

  1. THE MODERN SHAG: Inspired by ’70s iconic styles such as Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hair and Joan Jett’s rock’n’roll style, the strength in the shape comes from keeping the ends blunt and exterior strong.
  2. THE SOLID BANGED BOB: As seen on model Aylah Peterson at Saint Laurent, this style has statement and presence and is defined by keeping the strands all one length, which gives it a glass hair finish. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Ficton and you’re on the right track! 
  3. BIG BLOW DRY GLAMOUR: As proven by Lanvin’sAW 2020/2021 fashion show, but the 2020 version is cooler and edgier. To recreate the look, apply a volumising spray to dry hair and blow dry with a round bristle brush. Take a large tong and separate the hair in large sections, then set around the tong as if you were putting rollers in, making sure that you leave the ends out.

Fringe Benefits: How to Choose the Right Bangs for you

During lockdown, even celebrities opt for the chop and experimented with bangs and it looks like this definitive French Girl- inspired hair trend is going nowhere soon. But, the best hairstyles with bangs can dramatically play up your features, as well as lend symmetry and balance to your face if you ensure that they are chosen with your face shape in mind. 


The Best Bangs for Round Face Shapes: Side Bangs

Perennially popular, side bangs are especially flattering on round faces, which are soft around the edges and often wider in the cheeks. This is because the angle of the bangs creates more length in your face and thus a more oval shape.


The Best Bangs for Square or Oblong Face Shapes: A-Shaped Bangs

Bangs are all about illusion. This is key for square or oblong face shapes, which tend to be wider at the cheeks and more angular, especially around the jawline. This means that a soft A-shape works best for women with square faces, as the tapered ends create angles, which help to soften your jawline and bring attention to your eyes. Another option is a long, layered fringe which will help to soften and balance your features.


The Best Bangs for Heart Face Shapes: Crescent Bangs

Perfect for heart-shaped faces, which are wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin, this soft, crescent-shaped fringe (a.k.a. longer at the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle is a ‘70s-inspired look thanks to the long and feathery wisps.


The Best Bangs for Long Face Shapes: Grown-Out Bangs

If you have a long face, cropped bangs should be avoided as they will draw attention to your forehead so keep the fringe line low right around your eyebrows.

How to Create Summer’s Hottest Hairstyles…

Recently, we were asked by Cosmopolitan Middle East what are likely to be summer 2020’s on-point hair trends and for us, four are going to be prevalent: accessories, fringes, bobs and low-key colour. So, for everything you need to know in terms of how to master these current trends and what products you need, read on!


How to create a Braid using a scarf:

  1. Place a small amount of Kerastase Elixir Ultime through the hair.
  2. Tie the hair in a low ponytail and secure with a band.
  3. Tie a scarf around the band.
  4. Split the hair into two sections and using the braid as a third section, braid the hair.
  5. Secure the bottom with a band and wrap the ends of the scarf around the band.
  6. For a boho feel, pull out some sections of the brand for a messier look.


How to incorporate a scarf into a topknot style

  1. Scoop the hair back into a high ponytail and use LOreal Tecni Art fix max gel to hold the hair in place towards the pony.
  2. Apply LOreal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Ultime Shine Perfecting Serum to the pony.
  3. Secure the pony with a band but leave the pony looped through as the last securing.
  4. Pin the loop with grips to hold in place.
  5. Wrap the scarf around the topknot.


A bend with your bangs – the new way to wear your fringe:

  1. Apply Kerastase Ciment Thermique crème and LOreal Tecni Art Pli Shaper spray.
  2. Blowdry the hair.
  3. Use a wand to place a bend in the middle of the hair.
  4. Finish with a touch of Kerastase Elixir Ultime.


How to achieve effortless French girl hair

  1. Spray Redken Pillow Proof blowdry primer and place some Redken Curvaceous Ringlet Shape Perfecting Lotion into the hair.
  2. Scrunch the hair dry using a diffuser and hairdryer.
  3. Finish by applying Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil to the hair.


Being bronde: This warm and glossy colour is incredibly low maintenance and keeps hair super healthy while offering light and shade for pops of colour and brightness. Kerastase Reflections or Redken Colour Extend Magnetics are great choices for all coloured hair. If, however, you have long hair then nothing beats Kerastase Extentioniste range.

Hair Raising Rules of 2020’s Red Carpet

With awards season almost at an end, our favourite Hollywood A-listers have not left us disappointed with their outfit choices, eye-watering jewellery and bold make-up. But with so much sartorial diversity on this year’s Red Carpets, there has been a seismic shift when it comes to the choice of hairstyles. Gone are the stiff upstyles and boho beachy braids of the past decade, with 2020 welcoming styles that lend a distinctive nod to current hair trends.

  1. Roots rule: ..just ask Margot Robbie. At this year’s SAG awards, the Supporting Actress nominee let her brown hair peek through her fringey topknot, and even accented the color with a light brown lip.
Red Carpet Hairstyles
  1. Compliments to the dress: At the BAFTAs, newcomer Florence Pugh balanced out her voluminous gown, with a chic pulled-back style.
Red Carpet Hair Updo
  1. Slick back and sides: Saoirse Ronan opted to wear her hair down with a side parting at this year’s Golden Globes – a look also channelled by Reese Witherspoon at SAG awards, who was even more on-point with the style being given a slightly wet look.
Red Carpet Short Hairstyles
  1. Braided beauty: Trust Jennifer Lopez to champion one of the past decade’s most enduring trends – the braid. Her 2020 Golden Globes look was an intricate braided bun
Hair Style for Red Carpet
  1. Hello Old Hollywood: Salma Hayek, Hollywood veteran Jane Seymour and Priyanka Chopra all paid homage to Old Hollywood, opting for voluminous blow-outs and textured waves.

The Hair Trends that are Kickstarting a New Decade

When you think of the past decade, balayage and beachy hair spring instantly to mind but as we start 2020, there has been a seismic shift in hair trends. 

After several years of platinum shades reigning supreme, there is a definite return to darker shades with warm, rich blondes and chocolate browns becoming the statement colours du jour

2020 Hair Color Trends

For colour chameleons, switch your pastel shades for a neon hue – a small pop of colour will work well with athleisure wear.

The days of beachy waves with straightened ends are over. Instead, say hello to bouncy glossy curls. Roller sets with a gentle brush out and a good shine spray are must-haves to pay homage to 70s to 90s glam. For those who can’t bear kissing goodbye to boho, the long Shag is THE haircut of 2020. Featuring curtain bangs, tons of face-framing layers and long razored ends, the long shag is a great way to look effortless while still maintaining an urban bad-girl edge. This cut works best with your natural texture, so you can forgo the blow-dry.

Bobs, lobs, and every variation on the chic little French cut were the rage but it’s time to grow your mane out again and take inspiration from our two favourite Jennifers – Aniston and Lopez – who like their signature hairstyles are experiencing somewhat of a career renaissance.

3 Step by Step On-Trend Party Hairstyles

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, rather than solely focussing on your outfit for the biggest party of the year, why not up your hair game with a fresh party style?

For those who don’t have time to hit a salon, here are three terrific options that will ensure you have show-stopping hair!

  1. The Twisted Braid

STEP 1: Prep your hair by applying a volumising mousse to mid-lengths and ends. If you’re starting with wet hair, blow-dry until completely dry. Brush through.

STEP 2: Take the front side section of your hair and bring it around to the nape of your neck, twisting it slightly as you go. Secure in place with a bobby pin while you do the same on the other side. Remove the bobby pin and tie the twisted ends and the rest of your hair together into a low ponytail.

STEP 3: Bring the end of your pony up to the V section where your twists connect and create a little hole in the hair, behind the hair tie. Pull the whole pony through the hole and wind the hair around the newly created twist to cover up any visible bits of the hair band.

STEP 4: Fold your ponytail up toward the V section again, but this time, tuck about the last inch or two of your hair into the twists. The longer your hair, the more you may need to tuck in, or else you’ll be left with a very large bun.

STEP 5: Continue tucking in the hair until it forms a nice, neat bun, then coming from an upward angle, push bobby pins into where you’ve just tucked in the hair, and secure as neatly and out of sight as possible. Spritz with some shine-enhancing hair spray to keep your look in place.

  1. The Bubble Ponytail “Braided” Updo

Incredibly easy and a nod to the athleisure trend that has dominated fashion for the past few seasons, the bubble ponytail just requires at least shoulder-length hair and a lot of elastics. 

STEP 1: Gather some hair into a ponytail at the centre of the head and continue gathering all the way down – like a French braid but ponytails. 

STEP 2: After securing each section, tug up and out on it to tighten and form the “bubbles.”

  1. Add an accessory

If your time is really short, then why not opt for an accessory. Hairbands, hair jewels, and ribbons have been everywhere this season. If you are a hair accessory virgin, a plain black velvet ribbon is a failsafe go-to chic addition for those who want to add an essence of French Girl into their style. After putting your hair into a pony, tie a ribbon around the hair tie, and voilà, you’ve transformed a boring pony into a runway-ready look.

This is How to Stop your Hair Colour from Fading….

A.K.A How to take care of coloured hair

There are numerous reasons that your carefully salon-crafted hair colour can fade.  Thankfully there are some steps you can take to ensure your colour remains vibrant all year round, whatever the weather or your lifestyle throws at you! 

It’s a good idea at the initial hair consultation to determine a haircare plan with your stylist. Figuring out how frequently you want to colour your hair, and planning your salon visits, is a good way to avoid hot roots. It’s best to refresh your roots when regrowth is around an inch long, to help ensure an even colour and to prevent something called “banding” – overlapping) new root colour down over old colour, as this can make your hair appear darker than colour solely applied to new hair growth, creating a “band” of a lighter colour at your roots – not a good look! A weekly masque is a must as healthy hair will hold onto colour better than dry, damaged hair. Work the product into clean, wet hair, paying extra attention to dry ends, and leave it on for eight to ten minutes; then rinse out. If your hair is very dry, then leave your chosen masque on for up to 20 minutes. Also, avoid any products that contain harsh laurel sulfates that can make the colour come out.

High temps open up the hair cuticle, sapping your colour —so take lukewarm showers and try to limit the use of heated tools – remember it’s difficult for hair colour to deposit evenly on fried, broken strands. Always use a thermal hair protecting product onto towel-dried hair before using any hot tools.

The current weather in the UAE demands time spent pool or beachside. The salt in seawater fades colourfast, while the chlorine in pool water can also discolour the hair, usually imparting a sickly green tinge. To avoid this and give your hair SPF, try using a protection product such as KeraStraight Sun Protect Spray.

How To Know What Blonde You Are

A glance on Instagram or the red carpet will show that there are a variety of blonde shades – platinum, honey, balayage, but finding the perfect one for you can be a difficult task.

Understanding colour science is key when working out the colour that will flatter you best. Start by determining whether your skin has cool or warm undertones. ‘Cool’ is defined by pink, red or blush undertones, whereas ‘warm’ is defined by yellow, peachy, golden undertones. You may be a combination of both, what colourists call neutral toned, which you will discover is a huge advantage!

The fundamental rule when choosing your blonde shade is to pick a tone that is opposite to your own skin tone. For cool undertones ashy, creamy or white hues look best; whilst for warm undertones honey, caramel or butterscotch shades will look fabulous.

If you have neutral skin then you’re really lucky as most shades will look great on you. One of the amazing things about going blonde is that it suits a variety of eye colours.

A soft balayage or baby lights will give you the most natural looking blonde and this can be achieved by using a combination of multidimensional hues incorporating warm, cool and creamy blondes with your base colour.

The only time blonde should be avoided is if the hair is extremely damaged. But if you have your heart set on being a blonde bombshell then a plan can be created featuring treatments such as Olaplex, which rebuilds the hair from the inside out. It just might take a little longer than you expected.

Going from black to blonde is possible but only over a number of sessions with your hair gradually becoming lighter in colour. Contrary to what you are implied on celebrity Instagram profiles, such a drastic change will not happen in just one simple salon visit! The main thing you need to expect is that after each session you will only be only a few shades lighter than you were initially at the start of that session. You will inevitably go through the orange / yellow stage. If a salon promises they can take you lighter without mentioning either of the above then I suggest you look at other salons – any stylist who fails to mention these factors either isn’t being truthful with you or he/she does not fully understand the process and what it entails. Remember your hair is your crown you never take off, so your hair needs to be in the best possible hands!

Hair-raising trends for AW 2019

If you’re feeling the need to change your hair with the new season, then why not take your inspiration from the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, where an abundance of new trends – from the elaborate to the restrained- emerged, both in terms of colour and styling.

Colour your hair beautiful

Attributed to Lady Gaga’s character in “A Star is born”, red hair is enjoying a moment. Catwalks were awash with both natural red and deeper dyed red hair. In terms of blondes, it’s all about channelling the grungy look of platinum blonde with dark roots – use Courtney Love as your idol. 

On the opposite end of the colour scale was Bronde, sitting somewhere between blonde and brown. It’s one of the more reserved 2019 hair colours and is easy to achieve.  

Upstyle your pony

Ponies fall into two distinct categories this season – the playful Ariana Grande-style high ponytail or the elegance of a sleek low-hanging ponytail, perfect for showing off barettes and other on-point accessories.

Love your curls

Curls were a huge focal point for designers and fell into two camps: The sassy 70s full, voluminous curls that paid homage to Studio 54 with a centre parting or the retro romantic curls, which when teamed with a side parting had a timeless yet modern vibe.

Controversial crimping

Given the prevalence of braids the past few seasons, it’s hardly a surprise that crimped hair has experienced resurgence. This quick-to-come-quick-to-go technique shapes hair adds a lot of texture and volume to the hair and is best worn with tons of party-loving attitude.

Three Products Every Girl Needs for The Dubai Summer!

Julian, Stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton gives us the lowdown on what you should be using to keep your hair at its healthiest whatever the climate!

For many living here hair can feel dry and fine due to three factors which are quite specific to the UAE, namely the desalinated water, the air conditioning which saps the moisture out of the hair, and  the lack of seasons in the UAE – there is a constant stress on the hair due to excessive and prolonged  sun exposure, which dries the hair out. Hardly surprising then that people turn to hair care products to replace this lost moisture, and there are many on the market.

Kerastase Elixir’s Oil

When it comes to natural oils, Kerastase Elixir’s oil offers brilliant results. It also offers heat defence, locks in moisture and offers a terrific shine. You can use it as a serum or add it into your conditioner to intensify that product’s effect and you can use it overnight as a deep conditioning treatment. It can also be used as a blowdrying primer that cuts down blowdrying time, without compromising the effects of a blowdry.

Kerastase Moisture Mask

There are many treatments that you can have in a salon to keep – or put back – moisture in the hair. One such example is KeraStraight Intense Boost, which utilises KeraStraight’s latest groundbreaking Moisture Masks to repair, re-hydrate and renew hair from the inside out. Intense Boost rebuilds what the hair lacks and locks in moisture and strength for up to 30 days to leave you with head-turning, luscious hair. This is a great treatment to have pre-summer and there is a range of take-home products to keep its efficacy.

Kerastase Fusio Dose

One of the best-sellers in terms of treatments is Kerastase Fusio Dose, a range of intermixable shots that can be combined to create a bespoke treatment cocktail perfect for your hair. One thing you should remember is that there is a misconception that if the hair is damaged, it lacks moisture but often the case is that if it is broken; by adding moisture you just smooth over broken hair, whereas, in reality, you should fix the hair with protein products before expecting treatments to enhance the condition of your hair.

In the Middle East, the style icons tend to be based around women with long, voluptuous, healthy-looking hair.  So when it comes to cutting techniques, we want to create thick-looking hair.  This means layers should be kept long as the longer the layers are; the more hair collects to the exterior shape of the haircut, ensuring hair looks thicker and longer. But to have styles like this, hair needs to ​be in optimum condition, healthy and shiny so you should always use professionally-recommended products that will either repair broken hair or lock in moisture, depending on your needs.

Meet the treatment the region’s beauty editors swear by for sleeker, smoother hair…

Let’s face it, if a beauty editor gives a treatment her seal of approval it’s highly likely the treatment does boast terrific results; however, it could also be the case that while the treatment might have suited her, it might not yield the same impressive results for you. But, when multiple beauty editors – especially in a place as multi-cultural as Dubai – clamour to endorse a treatment, it’s a sure thing that the treatment will achieve iconic status and become a must-have. This is exactly what’s happened with the much-hyped KeraStraight treatment.


While many permanent straightening or smoothing treatments rely on harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, KeraStraight’s innovative KS Complex does not. The treatment’s advanced protein technology is a game changer in the hair care industry. It encourages the re-building of keratin, which in turn repairs and strengthens the hair shaft, adding elasticity and moisture and protecting against environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, dust and smoke.

Curled Hair

According to Vogue Arabia, the results included “Swingy, smooth strands that instantly appeared healthier” and two weeks later, the curl-haired editor was still delighted admitting “my hair still boasts its curl but is significantly more manageable, cutting my morning mirror time in half.”
The digital editor of Emirates Woman was just as wowed, saying “If you spend half your life fighting with your hair, this is the treatment for you – it not only vastly reduces styling time, but the effects last for up to four months. “

So while humidity, air conditioning and the water in the UAE can all wreak havoc on hair, leaving it dry, dehydrated and frizzy, this will be your haircare saviour as the treatment promises to eradicate that hated frizz, repairing the hair and leaving it shiny, healthy and far easier to style.

Call any of the branches to discover more, including our exclusive summer pricing available for this miracle treatment!

Beach HairStyle to Rock this Summer

Laid-back easy glamour, beach waves are now as visible on the Red Carpet as they are beach-side but how do you achieve them?

Jordan Robertson, Senior Stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton gives us the low-down on a trend that shows no signs of abating!

L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni ART Full Volume Extra Mousse
L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni ART PLI

To achieve tight beach waves, start by spraying some L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli only through the hair and smooth out the hairline, ensuring you don’t smooth the ends out as you want to keep the hair’s natural texture. Then, split the hair into small half- inch sections and starting from the back using a one-inch tong wrap the hair around the tong and hold for 20 seconds. Make sure you don’t twist the hair as you wrap it and when removing the tongs, avoid touching the hair. Tong the last sections on the hairline away from the face. Once the hair has all cooled down apply a good amount of L’Oreal Beach Waves and scrunch into the hair as well as the roots.

L'Oréal Beach Waves

For smoother, looser beach waves, apply L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli from the roots to the ends and blow dry smooth with little root lift. Working from the back, take one-inch sections and use a large tong to curl. This time, when wrapping the sections around the tong apply a little twist as you go. 
When coming to the hairline make sure the sections are away from the face again – this gives a natural look. 
Once the hair is cooled brush out with a wide tooth comb – never use a brush or a small comb for this, it needs to be a wide tooth comb.  Next, apply a little amount of L’Oreal Beach Waves. Try putting in a side parting and tuck one side behind the ear for an on-point look.

Mario Badescu Aloe & Cucumber Spray

To keep hair looking good at the beach, I would recommend ensuring you have these five hero products always in your beach bag – L’Oreal Beach Waves, L’Oreal PLI, a Tangle Teezer, L’Oreal full volume mousse and Mario Badescu Aloe and Cucumber spray. The last one is technically a facial spray but trust me your hair needs some moisture too, especially after a day of sand and sea exposure! So to rejuvenate your hair, spritz a little onto it and watch it transform into hydrated healthy and fabulous, perfectly ready to go from the beach to the bar.

What are the haircare must-haves of 2019

With an overwhelming array of haircare offerings already on salon retail stands and news about product drops constantly filling our social media streams, it can be difficult to get to grips with what you should definitely have on your bathroom shelf to maintain your best possible hair, especially if you have to consider not only your hair’s texture and type but also your lifestyle.  But, there are some products that are deemed must-haves and which leave stylists raving.

Check out what some of Pastels’ stylists consider their hero products.

“For long-lasting beach waves, nothing beats using Balmain texturizing spray with heat protection on each section before curling” – Riqui, Junior Stylist, Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton

“One of my favourite products is the Kerastraight serum. It is a heat protector which is perfect to use on wet or dry hair and it is very moisturising. I absolutely love how soft hair is after using it!” – Jessica, Senior Stylist, Pastels Salon Jumeirah

“Want more manageability and protection? Then Redken 25 benefits One United is a must. It is a light weight product with anti-frizz and detangling properties. It helps prevent breakage and has heat and colour protection, sealing the cuticle and giving a silky touch.” – Natalie Anne, Senior Stylist, Pastels Salon Mercato

“If you’re a brunette and you want to keep brassiness at bay, then you should invest in L’Oreal Color Corrector and use it once a week.” –  Vesna, Senior Stylist, Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton

“Are you after glossy, stronger, healthier hair, then ask for Olaplex 1 & 2 in salon use is for you, it‘s brilliant for all hair types and textures; before a blowdry, within a colour, after a colour or just as a stand-alone treatment. Then for a top-up at home then you can purchase the Olaplex no.3 home kit, it takes just 10minutes a week and will leave your hair feeling luscious for longer. After just one use, you’ll be hooked.” – Charlotte, Senior Stylist, Pastels Salon Mercato

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