Hairbrush Heaven: How to find your perfect brush

According to the experts, most of us are actually using the wrong hair tools for our hair type which can lead to frizz, split ends, and breakage. To prevent damage, it is vital that you choose a brush or comb that suits your hair type as well as your preferred styling regime.  Along with detangling, tools such as brushes and combs can energize the scalp and help evenly distribute oils to keep hair healthy. But with the hair market so heavily saturated right now, picking the perfect brush for your hair goals can be difficult so let us talk you through it!


A seamless wide-tooth comb is a good option for those with coarse, curly or wavy hair because it detangles without breaking up the natural curl pattern. Also, it glides through the hair without much friction and there are no sharp plastic seams on the teeth, which can result in pulling and snapping.

Combs with a spike on one end and very little space between each tooth are great for using with a flat-iron to achieve super-sleek hair, or for sectioning hair before a blowout.

Detangling Brushes

Detangling brushes are most often specifically designed to be gentle enough to use on wet hair, though they can be used on dry hair as well if your hair isn’t too thick. If your hair is prone to tangles why not bring a detangling brush into the shower with you to eliminate any knots and work conditioner through your hair evenly to hydrate and smoothen it.

 Paddle Brushes

Perfect for those with long, thick hair, most paddle brushes are designed to detangle and smooth, as well as for blowdrying wavy hair straight.

These are also a great tool for those with damaged hair as the wide space between the teeth ensure snagging and pulling is kept to a minimum.

Round Brushes

Round brushes are perfect for creating that voluminous, classic wavy blowout but the different size of round brush, with different types of bristles, will determine the finished look. Generally, the smaller the barrel of a round brush, the more curly or wavy your hair will be after blow-drying.  Larger barrel round brushes are better for created a sleek blowout, and a medium barrel is most commonly used for that classic wavy blowout.


The essentials every beach (or pool!) bag should have!

While many may be celebrating the return of winter coats and boots, in the UAE this is the perfect time to hit the beach or pool. But in addition to parading your favourite swimwear, there are some items that no beach bag should be without. 

SunKiss is a luxury beach lifestyle brand that not only protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun but also protects the planet. Using natural ingredients, the range is a luxury collection of products that are easy to apply, offers advanced sun protection and feels gorgeous on the skin.  Proudly made in the UAE, this sustainable mineral suncare brand is a non-Nano Sunscreen; and offers an immediate sun filter, unlike conventional chemical sun creams which require application 20 minutes before sun exposure, so you can enjoy the sun without compromising your skin’s health!

Sun, sand and seawater are a harmful combination to the hair, and can often leave it looking dry, damaged and out of control. KeraStraight’s Sun Protect spray is the perfect antidote to the harmful effects caused by a beach environment. In addition to protecting the hair from harmful UVA/UVB rays, saltwater and chlorine up to 8 times more than our natural defences, the lightweight spray can be applied to wet hair or dry hair depending on the level of protection required. 

An absolute essential hair accessory, the invisibobble allows you to create any number of hairstyles with precision and ease. The inventive style of the invisibobble provides an even distribution of pressure, which in turn prevents the headaches and hair kinks often associated with traditional hair ties. Made from artificial resin, the invisibobble features anti-allergenic properties that also make it sweat proof and waterproof.

A perfect complement to the invisibobble is the Tangle Teezer, the world’s favourite detangling hairbrush. With its unique and compact design, the Tangle Teezer can be carried with you wherever you go, and with its memory flex technology, it ensures swift and gentle results, so you can go from beach to bar in a jiffy!

6 Hair Trends You Will See Everywhere This AW!

2020 has been a unique – to say the least – year but as September rolls on and the Autumn trends are reigning supreme in stores, perhaps it’s time to embrace the season’s newest hair trends to update your style.

Colour Trends:

  1.  Shadow root: Lived-in, more natural looking hair is definitely one of the most popular trends this year as a whole  and this low-maintenance hair look is a perfect option for blondes. The secret to achieving this look is that it’s blended well.
  2. Warm highlights: Highlights are a brilliant way to add depth and dimension to your look. This year, warm shades  such as champagne, caramel and honey tones, will be popular. 
  3. Reflective red: Muted red tones are super trendy and highlights and colour slashes can be used to give the hair a subtle but effective pop of red that provides the hair with a multi-dimensional, interesting look.

The go-to cuts:

  1. THE MODERN SHAG: Inspired by ’70s iconic styles such as Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hair and Joan Jett’s rock’n’roll style, the strength in the shape comes from keeping the ends blunt and exterior strong.
  2. THE SOLID BANGED BOB: As seen on model Aylah Peterson at Saint Laurent, this style has statement and presence and is defined by keeping the strands all one length, which gives it a glass hair finish. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Ficton and you’re on the right track! 
  3. BIG BLOW DRY GLAMOUR: As proven by Lanvin’sAW 2020/2021 fashion show, but the 2020 version is cooler and edgier. To recreate the look, apply a volumising spray to dry hair and blow dry with a round bristle brush. Take a large tong and separate the hair in large sections, then set around the tong as if you were putting rollers in, making sure that you leave the ends out.
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