With a team who are masters of the latest techniques and a range of the very best and on-trend hair treatments, we offer the complete works – consult, cut, colour and specialist advice in a friendly yet professional atmosphere so you can relax and be confident that you will leave us with beautiful show-stopping hair.

At Pastels Salon, we believe that beauty is different for each individual, and so we never mass produce. When conceiving a cut and/or colour, we take into consideration each client’s features and strive to design a unique look for everyone who walks through our doors. Your hair type, bone structure, skin tone and lifestyle can all make a difference to the final look. While our team of experts can suggest ways to highlight your best features, in the end, it’s what you want that counts and we are ready and willing to listen.

We pride ourselves on creating a bespoke style for every one of our clients, whilst taking into consideration his or her lifestyle. Our stylists are trained to cut a shape that stays in the hair and they are happy to advise you on the styling products that will ensure you can achieve complete control of a look that is easy to recreate day after day.

Attention to detail is what makes our team exceptional. Our entire hair team is passionate about hair. Each of them has been trained professionally and brings a high level of experience and knowledge to their work. Realizing perfect beauty, creating a unique style and achieving beautifully conditioned hair that is practical for you to manage is our ultimate goal.

If you are new to the salon or perhaps thinking about a new look, a consultation will allow you to discuss your requirements and to get to know our team before the appointment. All consultations are complimentary and are available during normal salon opening hours.

So why not contact one of our salons and book your free consultation today?

Our Treatments

  • KeraStraight

    Forget everything you thought you knew about keratin treatments because the latest next-generation treatment – the KeraStraight KS Ultimate – changes everything! Kind to the hair, boasting unrivalled results and with no waiting time, KeraStraight KS Ultimate now boasts 33% more power, to work faster and provide enhanced shine and repair. Endorsed by hair industry guru, Trevor Sorbie, the KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment can be applied to ANY hair type over ANY previous chemical treatment, including virgin, coloured, highlighted or permed hair, and the results can last for up to four months.
    Read what Ahlan! says about our KeraStraight treatment.

    Why not book an appointment with Shakira at Jumeirah who is the only stylist in the UAE to have achieved 100% in the KeraStraight exam, making her a bona fide expert! For more information visit our on Kerastraight section

  • BRAE Smoothing Botox

    This treatment innovation promises smooth, soft, silky hair with a glass-like shine for up to three months! Brought to you by BRAÉ Hair Care, an innovative, professional Brazilian brand present all over the world, behind which there is a team of renowned international professionals who combine their individual  expertise and heritages to offer products that suit all hair types. It combines a bespoke cocktail of active ingredients and advanced nanotechnology to guarantee results, without compromising the health of the hair. Unlike rival treatments, BRAE Smoothing Botox is a one-step system of keratin straightening and takes

    less than one hour for the product to activate on the hair. There are two versions of the treatment: 

    • BRAE Smoothing Botox is the complete treatment where the product is ironed in to ensure results last for up to 3 months and the service is finished with a blowdry. 
    • BRAE Smoothing Botox Express does not iron in the product to the hair, which means the treatment results will last for up to one month and there is no blowdry included with the service.
  • Balmain Hair Extensions

    Created by Balmain Paris Hair Couture, these premium hair extensions can be used to add volume or length to your existing hair to ensure you get a show-stopping style worthy of its own Catwalk! Using Balmain hair patented system, DoubleHair is made of 100% Human Hair and this re-usable system specially designed for creating long voluminous hair in just 35 minutes.

  • Great Lengths Hair Extensions

    The style you’ve always dreamed of, the confidence in knowing you look sensational, the ultimate statement of glamour and sophistication. The leader in premium hair extensions, Great Lengths are enjoyed by the world’s most stylish women. Only the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin and ethicality is used. Using patented systems, specially formulated bonds Great Lengths attach to your own hair and:
    – Are kind to your hair and scalp
    – Are virtually undetectable by sight or touch
    – Are comfortable to wear, style and sleep on
    – Are long lasting
    – Can be styled, curled or coloured to create the perfect look for any occasion
    – Look and feel as natural as your own hair
    – Can be removed with no damage to your own hair
    – Enhance your natural beauty

Conditioning Treatments

Kérastase Résistance Therapiste

Kérastase Résistance Therapiste is a ground-breaking haircare ritual that gives very damaged hair a second life. Following the treatment, hair is restored and the quality of the fiber is as good as new.Keratin Associated Proteins (KAPs) are the guardians of hair’s internal cohesion, accounting for more than 50% of the hair structure. When hair becomes damaged, these proteins disappear. The formulas of Resistance Thérapiste are enriched with FIBRA-KAP™, a powerful complex designed to compensate for the missing KAPs, and RESURRECTION SAP, an extract from a plant able to resurrect after 10 years of near-death.Embodied by a customized beauty routine with Kerastase Resistance Therapiste, there is no excuse to showcase anything but silky-smooth, revitalised hair!                                                                        Check out Ruksher’s hair confession with Kerastase

Kerastase Fusio Dose

Concentrés and Boosters come together at the core of a new system, a mixology bar dedicated to personalized Fusio-Dose care. A hair care beauty ‘shot’ at the heart of the salon, which takes only a few minutes. After performing a professional hair diagnosis, your hairstylist will offer you a Fusio-Dose ritual adapted to your needs and will create a customised mix of super concentrated, blended formula for personalized care, designed to transform the look of your hair. With four concetres available to target your primary need and five powerful boosters to enhance your hair’s health, Fusio Dose offers the ultimate bespoke conditioning treatment.

K Water

K Water treatment is an in-salon treatment that protects hair from the humidity that causes frizz and ruins perfect blow-dries.Touted as a ‘raincoat for the hair’, the silicone-free K Water treatment forms a shield to protect against environmental elements that cause frizz. Its lamellar technology, borrowed from skincare, delivers repairing amino acids and proteins only to areas that need it. Until now, products to repair damaged, frizzy hair usually came in the form of heavy conditioning masks, which can weigh hair down but K Water is lightweight, having been developed to ensure the active ingredients could be targeted to damaged hair without weighing it down.

After only a few seconds of contact, K Water will dramatically improve the quality of the hair, leaving it incredible healthy and weightlessly fluidified. Hair is protected from breakage and is easier to comb, blowdry and style.   Perfect for hair lovers who are short on time!


Let’s face it. How can we expect our hair to looks its best if we do not give it the care it deserves? Our Detox takes the concept of the facial and translates it create a haircare therapy that promises to restore and rejuvenate your hair and leave it looking its absolute best.Key to the treatment is the Soin Gommage Renovateur, a pre-cleanse product recently introduced by acclaimed brand Kerastase. Applied before the cleanser or shampoo, this exfoliant intensely detoxifies, purifies and cleans the scalp as well as the hair fiber. As well as removing product build-up and pollutants, this miracle product boasts all the benefits of the award-winning Chronologiste range thanks to the presence of Abyssine, a “prodigious molecule” discovered in the volcanic faults of the Pacific Ocean that leaves hair with an in-depth nutrition and an irresistible velvet touch.Suitable for all hair types and even those with sensitive scalps, the detox ritual also includes a revitalizing massage that helps activate microcirculation to boost shampoo’s efficacy; and which will ensure the hair – and scalp – are in optimal condition for whatever treatment, if any, you choose to have after it.
Read what Friday magazine says about our Detox

Meet The Team

Ritz Carlton

  • Karl
    Senior Stylist

    Trained with Toni&Guy for both cut and colour, Karl has more than 10 years in the industry. He has worked in some of London’s most prestigious salons, including Selfridges and Electric London, where he was the principal stylist and salon educator. Karl has assisted back stage numerous occasions at London Fashion Week and industry trade shows and has featured by some of the UK’s best-known newspapers, including the Daily Mail and bloggers such as Rachel Leary. Karl is also the ONLY BeautyWorks master extension specialist in Dubai.

    Senior Stylist
  • Angela
    Junior Stylist & Beautician

    Angela has worked in the industry for the past 15 years, joining Pastels Salon in 2011. She has received training from L’Oreal for haircuts, colouring and blowdry. Her proudest moments have been participating at fashion shows such as Fashion Forward. Although she started out being a beautician, she has discovered a passion for hair and enjoys doing foils, colouring and creating short haircuts.

    Junior Stylist & Beautician
  • Jennifer
    Junior Stylist & Beautician

    Jennifer has been at Pastels since 2010. As part of the salon’s creative team, she is heavily involved in photoshoots and fashion shows and she has worked on shoots for some of the UAE’s best-known publications including Emirates Woman, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Ahlan! She has completed make up artists training with Katie Cousins and MAC.

    Junior Stylist & Beautician
  • Rozlyn

    Rozlyn joined Pastels in early 2016. Since her arrival, she has completed training for Kerastase, hair extensions, as well as massage techniques. Her favourite treatments to do are technical treatments including perming and straightening.

  • Rheda

    Having joined in early 2016, Rheda is one of the salon’s latest recruits. Her greatest achievement was the first time she coloured a client’s hair and made the client really happy with her work.

  • Maria Delores

    Maria Delores
  • Janessa

  • Stuart
    Senior Stylist

    Senior Stylist
  • Charlotte
    Senior Stylist

    Senior Stylist


  • Josie

    Hailing from the Philippines, Josie has worked in the hair and beauty industry for over twelve years. After joining the Pastels team in 2014 Josie has enjoyed the opportunity to develop her skills in a professional salon, and is particularly proud of becoming a member of the artistic team. She looks forward to making sure that every client leaves the salon happy.

  • Didi
    Senior Stylist

    Senior Stylist
  • Georgie
    Senior Stylist

    Originally from Sydney, Australia, Georgie has worked in the hair industry for 15 years and has been at Pastels Salon since 2011.
    She trained as an apprentice for four years at Noddy’s in King in Newtown, Sydney Australia, remaining there as a senior colour technician for another 4 years after her training. She has also trained with notable hair industry greats including Shane Henning, Paula Hibbard, Sharon Blaine, Darren Fowler, Alan Edwards and Mario Charalambous.
    Georgie has been part of pastels artistic team since its inception in 2012 and one of her proudest moments was when the latest shoot Pop Generation was featured as the editor’s collection of the week in the international magazine, Hairdressers Journal as working on this shoot had pushed the boundaries of her creativity.
    Georgie is passionate about teaching, She loves sharing her knowledge and helping others improve their technique so they can not only make their clients happy but ensure they continually do beautiful work so they feel good too. Her ethos is based on the fact that knowledge is power and as she says “I live by sharing my skill and paying it forward! “
    Believing there is always room for improvement, Georgie attends regular training so she is up-to-date with the latest trends in the hair industry.

    Senior Stylist
  • Sabina
    Junior Stylist

    Hailing from Mumbai in India, Sabina has been working in the hair industry for the past 28 years, having joined the Pastels Salon team in 2007 where she works as a junior stylist. She has completed training in L’Oreal and Kerastase products as well for Kerastraight treatment and she undergoes colour and cut training every week with managers Georgie or Natalie. She understands the importance of being hairstylist and she very much enjoys doing color/ highlights for clients. “The training that I’ve been given at Pastels Salon has made confident in doing the services,” she says.

    Junior Stylist
  • Josephine
    Junior Stylist

    Originally from the Philippines, Josephine has been working in the hair industry for an amazing sixteen years. After completing her first training in the Philippines, Josephine undertook the L’Oreal Academy training before joining the Pastels team in 2015. One of Josephine’s proudest moments was receiving positive feedback from the L’Oreal Academy, and she believes that every happy client is always an achievement to be proud of. Josephine loves the creative challenges of working in a salon, and is passionate about continuing her learning every day.

    Junior Stylist
  • Gerly
    Junior Stylist

    Gerly has worked in the hair industry for the past 15 years, joining Pastels Salon in 2006. She trained and qualified in David’s Salon, the leading salon in her native Philippines. Her biggest achievement was styling hair for the Dubai Sheikha and the Sharjah Sheikha, as well as being involved in Fashion Forward in October 2015. She loves perfoming the KeraStraight treatment and is a whizz at blowdrying!

    Junior Stylist
  • Purnima
    Junior Stylist

    Purnima has been in the hair industry for the past 20 years and joined Pastels in 2010. She has tended the tresses of Bollywood celebrities and loves colouring and cutting.

    Junior Stylist
  • Danielle
    Senior Stylist

    Senior Stylist
  • Eunice

  • Daisy

  • Nancy

    Originally from the Philippines, Nancy has been at Pastels Salon since 2008, where she works as a hairdresser assistant, using her extensive expertise to offer clients advice on products from L’Oreal, Kerastase and Redken. She enjoys all aspect of the hair industry but most especially when a client leaves her chair happy! “Giving them nice head massage during the treatment which made them fall asleep or completely relax while they were having their hair wash makes me feel happy,” she says.

  • Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane
  • Emma
    Senior Stylist

    Hailing from Sydney, Emma has worked in the hair industry since 2006, when she started out as an apprentice. Since then she has completed training with Schwartzkopf and Toni&Guy, as well as at Vidal Sassoon in London. She has entered numerous competitions, and was awarded first place in a Photoflash competition in her native Australia. She loves being creative and making people feel good about their hair, and ultimately themselves.

    Senior Stylist

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