Hair Coloring

Our technical team includes L’Oréal Professional Colour Specialists, Redken & Kerastase ambassadors & International Trainers. Our stylists can create a bespoke hair colour that will compliment your skin tone and lifestyle, as well as be an expression of your personality using world renowned brands like L’Oreal & Redken. Our priority as a technical team is the health of your hair. We advise all new clients to come in for a complimentary colour consultation.

As an award-winning salon, Pastels team of stylists use their talent and expertise on the latest techniques to create your perfect colour. After an in-depth consultation, your chosen stylist will recommend suitable options and create a customised colour to achieve your dream look.


Balayage is a contemporary technique for colouring hair in which the stylist hand paints the colour onto the hair to give it a natural, gradual transition from root to tip. Using a mix of light and dark tones to create dimensions of colour, balayage gives the hair enhanced lightness &/or depth and leaves it with a blended, natural, sun-kissed glow which will grow out organically. Effortless & versatile, Balayage can be adapted to look soft & subtle or bold & bright.

Results: A multi-tonal effect that adds Lightness, depth and/or dimension to the hair.
Commitment: Low – 3-6 months
Service time: from 1.5 hours (please allow additional development time)
Great for: the low maintenance ladies
Cost:  See price list


One of the most popular colour services on our menu, this technique is done with foil to isolate small or large sections of hair that are individually coloured. The size, placement, & tone of the highlights can be adapted precisely and can add dimension to your natural or previously coloured hair. The highlighting process has evolved over the years from cap highlights to foiling , babylights, slices & lowlights.

Results:  light, warm or cool tones to create a multi-tonal effect. Highlights are frequently used to emphasis a haircut.
Commitment: high – 6 to 8 weeks
Service time: from 1.5 hours (please allow additional development time)
Great for: Breaking up a solid hair colour, disguising grey hair, adding different tones to the hair.
Cost: See price list

Colour Correction

Used to correct the undesirable results of a previous hair colouring treatment. While some colour corrections can be done in one visit, others can be very complex and require several salon sessions. Let us professionally take you on your hair journey.

Results: your desired look with patience
Commitment: potentially High & requires a complimentary colour consultation before booking
Service time: from 3 hours sprinkled with lots of patience

Double Process Colour

A two-step treatment. The first step lifts your hair to the desired lightness, whilst the second step tones it to create your chosen shade. Best used when you want to achieve a blonde hair colour that requires more than 2-3 levels of lightening. Should always be used in tandem with Olaplex to ensure the health of the hair is not compromised.

Results: Lighter & toned look.
Commitment:  high 4 weeks
Service time: from 1.5 hours + development time
Great for: a new glam transition
Cost: See price list

Single Process (Global colour & Root touch up)

The most common hair colour technique in the industry, single process is a global hair colour from the roots to ends. Perfect for 100% grey hair coverage, to take your hair a few shades darker or lighter.

Results: A permanent or semi-permanent all over hair colour. Your hair takes on new life with rich
and vibrant tones.
Commitment: 3-6 weeks depending on re-growth and percentage of grey hair.
Service time: from 1 hr & development time
Great for: Grey hair coverage and an all-over base hair colour.
Cost: See price list

Fantasy Haircolour

Pastels has become highly acclaimed for fashion-forward hair colours. Our talented stylists can create a wide assortment of fun, playful and head-turning hair colours.

Results: head turning hair colours
Commitment: high
Service time:  from 3 hours & development time
Great for: standing out from the crowd
Cost: See price list

Gloss (Also called glaze or toner)

By using a clear gloss, you can add shine to the hair, while a pigmented gloss can be tone on tone or darker. It can be universally used on all hair types and is Ammonia-free. Factors such as the sun,salt-water, heat styling and chlorine can leave your colour faded. Having a
gloss between services will bring your balayage/hilites/colour back to life, adds tons of shine & extend the life of your colour.

Results: Adds tone, shine, neutralises brassiness & refreshes colour that has gotten dull.
Commitment: Low- medium commitment. The toner will fade, depending on porosity of the hair & environmental exposure.
Service time: from 15 min & development
Great for: a refresh for all hair types.