Here’s the 5 tips you need to UP your makeup game!

Here’s the 5 tips you need to UP your makeup game!

Perhaps it’s that you’re sick of following the same old makeup routine you have followed since you were a teenager, or maybe Kylie Jenner’s Instagram selfies are inspiring you to re-vamp your entire look, but before you clean out your cosmetic closet, here are five simple tips that will step up your makeup game:

1. Line those lips: Don’t be scared of lip liner. In fact, if done right, liner can make your lips appear fuller and more defined while giving longevity to your lipstick and preventing it from bleeding. The trick is to use a natural colour liner on the lips to make them appear their biggest.

2. Big up your brows: Groomed brows are quite a key trend so invent in a brow product and use a dedicated brush (called a spoolie) to disperse eyebrow colour and keep stray hairs in check.

3. Get the right tools: The tools of the trade are what will really step up your makeup game. Forget about using your fingers and the occasional Q-tip. If you want your makeup to look professional, essentials include a lip brush, a flat eyebrow brush, a precision angle brush, a blush brush, a small blending brush, a concealer brush, a foundation brush and a powder brush.

4. Use complimentary colours on your eyes: Your eyes are the focal point of your face, and making them stand out can change your whole look. When it comes to eye shadow, using colours that are opposite of your eye colour will actually make them stand out more.

Blue eyes: Anything with orange will make your blue eyes pop. Peach, gold, apricot and anything with an orange undertone is best.

Brown eyes: Almost any colour will work well with brown, but purple and blue make them stand out the most.

Green eyes: Colours with red undertones will make green eyes pop. Try shades that have some wine or plum colouring to them.

5. Take a makeup class: YouTube may be full of makeup tutorials that you can watch for free, but if you want to really what works best for your unique face, taking a makeup class could really be worth the time and money.