How To Embrace Grey In Glorious Fashion

How To Embrace Grey In Glorious Fashion

While there are many things from 2020 we are glad to move on from, it would seem that grey hair has become a legacy trend that is most definitely here to stay, if google searches are anything to go by. Of course, if your hair is naturally turning grey and you plan to ditch the dye, there are a few things you should know before taking the plunge and letting your silver siren loose.

Stop plucking

We’ve all had the urge to tweeze grey hairs when they sprout up, but resist. Plucking out grey hairs can damage the follicle, and then sometimes your hair just won’t grow back and since hair naturally thins as you get older, you don’t want to encourage it.

Blend the texture

Since grey hair lacks pigment, it tends to have a different texture than the rest of your mane. On finer hair, greys could be coarse, and on coarser hair, they can be fine, or sometimes it can be a combination of the two, so to ensure your grey hair blends with the rest of your hair, the right styling tools and products are essential.

Consider the chop

A sophisticated short haircut pretty much eliminates the growing-out stage. Due to the varying textures of grey hair, going for a shorter hairstyle can help control hair that becomes harder to manage at longer lengths. A shorter style also works well with soft, finer greys, as less length gives structure and body to limp strands, rather than weighing it down. Another option to diffuse grey roots is to embrace long layers that are slightly dishevelled.

It doesn’t need to be all or nothing

You can use highlighting and lowlighting techniques to blend greys with semi-permanent colour to soften the regrowth line. While it can take several months, but it will help blend your grey roots during the transition while still enhancing your style.

Use correct homecare

Grey hair tends to be on the drier side, so using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is key for hydration. But all hydrating products are not the same. Avoid dimethicone, a type of silicone that’s commonly used in all types of hair products.  Consider switching to a silver shampoo, which can neutralise any yellow tones in grey hair.

Try a gloss

With grey shades in particular, there can be a risk of ‘washing out’ your complexion. Remember, grey hair is considered to have no pigment in it, but white hair does still contain a little bit of natural underlying pigment. Those pigments look either yellow or orange, depending on your shade of grey. To even out your overall colour, get a gloss treatment in salon which will tone down any unwanted brassiness and ensure your end result hair colour flatters your skin tone.