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how to grow nails faster

Nail Nirvana: Tips on How to Grow Nails Faster

Healthy, strong nails are not an accident. At Pastels Beauty Salon in Dubai, we know how to get nails to grow quicker and stronger. Discover our best nail care ideas and uncover how to feed your nails for quicker growth and longer-lasting beauty. If you’re in Dubai, stop by Pastels for expert nail treatment that produces results.

Tips on How to Grow Nails Faster

We are not going to beat around the bush. Let’s quickly dive into the main question we are here to answer – how to make nails grow faster and stronger.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Nails

Your diet has a huge impact on nail growth. Eat foods high in biotin, such as eggs and almonds. Biotin strengthens nails and promotes growth. Drink lots of water to keep your nails moisturised. Hydration prevents brittleness and maintains nail resilience.

Keep Those Cuticles Happy

Regularly moisturise your cuticles using cuticle oil. This helps them stay healthy and promotes nail development. Avoid plucking or chewing your cuticles, since this can cause damage. Trim sparingly to maintain a clean appearance.

Protect Your Nails

Chores and strong chemicals can damage your nails. Wear gloves when performing home duties to protect them. Limit your exposure to strong chemicals that might cause breaking. When painting your nails, use a strong base coat for an added layer of protection.

Gentle Nail Care Routine

How you care for your nails might affect their development. To avoid splitting your nails, file them in one direction. Avoid using strong nail products that might harm them. Get frequent manicures to keep your nails in good condition and encourage growth.

Pamper Your Nails

Give your nails a gentle massage. This improves blood circulation and promotes development. Consider expert nail treatment to get a perfect finish. Relax and let the professionals take care of your nails.

Nail Care Supplies: What You Need for Beautiful Nails

Now that you are aware of the essential nail care tips, let’s move on to the next important step. Achieving great nails starts with the right nail care supplies. 

  • From nail clippers to cuticle oils, having quality products at hand is crucial. 
  • Essential items include a sturdy nail file, a gentle buffer, and a cuticle pusher. 
  • Don’t forget a high-quality base coat and top coat for protection. 

Whether you’re maintaining your nails at home or in the salon, having the right supplies ensures they stay healthy and strong.

Why Choose Pastels Salon?

Pastels Salon is a beauty destination in Dubai. Ruksher Malik and Steven Chan, hair specialists, co-founded the salon, which blends elegance and competence. Our first store in Jumeirah is a tranquil location that provides a wide variety of beauty treatments. The second location, at the Ritz Carlton Dubai, is as magnificent and adds to the city’s beauty scene.

The team of 65 specialists is devoted to providing top-notch services. We utilise top products such as Essie, Gellish, Evo, and Bio-sculpture to ensure high-quality results. 


Following these tips can help you develop healthier, stronger nails. A healthy diet, gentle care, and consistent protection may make a significant difference. If you are looking for a nail salon in Dubai, visit Pastels Beauty Salon for excellent treatments and experienced advice. We’re committed to helping you get the nails you’ve always wanted. Experience the elegance and competence that distinguishes us. The journey towards gorgeous nails begins here.

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