How to have fabulous party-worthy lashes!

How to have fabulous party-worthy lashes!

With party season just around the corner, there are a host of go-to treatments that can make you look your most glamorous. Top of the list are eyelash extensions, but did you know that unless you choose your lash extensions (and technician!) carefully, you could wreak havoc on your own lashes, causing them to fall out!

The first rule to abide is to never use superlong, super thick extensions. The best choice are lashes that are the closest weight to the natural lash. The best lashes to use for an everyday look are 0.10 and you should never use ones that weigh more than 0.25.

To keep them looking their best, never use oil-based eye make-up removers on extensions. Instead blow dry them for a few seconds after getting them wet. This sets the adhesive and fluffs the lashes.

Strip lashes are safe to use but they do not look as natural as salon-applied fine lashes. A good set of lash extensions should last for two-three weeks, depending on the cycle of your lash growth, sometimes longer.

When it comes to mascara, never use waterproof mascara as it can pull both extensions and natural lashes out. Also, it’s important never to remove your eye makeup by crisscrossing the lashes – only use an up and down motion.

Finally, if you are blessed with thick lashes naturally and don’t need to opt for extensions, perhaps you can try LVL which will curl your lashes without damaging them, allowing you to forgo lash curlers, which are the enemy of beautiful lashes!