Here’s how you can improve your skin’s texture

If you suffer from dull, tired skin or problematic acne and you dream of skin with a perfect texture and beautiful youth-enhancing glow, why not put some time and energy into rethinking your approach to skincare? While the thought of overhauling a skincare regime can be daunting, the good news is that this process be broken down into a simple 7-step programme that will ensure your skin looks healthy and glowing with no filter needed! 

Step 1: Do a one-week reset of your skincare routine refresh

To ensure your products are suited to your skin and are not causing any adverse side effects that you may have – blotchiness, redness, excess oil, acne breakouts – this refresh is a must. For one week, pare back to the basics: Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer that don’t contain fragrance or active ingredients.

Step 2: Choose Your Basics

After your reset week, it’s safe to assume any issues you still have are not caused by a product so now it is the perfect time to assess your skin. If you like what you see, keep using the same cleanser and moisturizer you did in the reset week, but if you think your skin is lacking and/or experiencing some issues then make an appointment for a skincare consultation and facial so an expert can recommend the best basic products for your skin type. 

Step 3: Wear Sunscreen 

Wearing sunscreen regularly decreases the rate of aging and hyperpigmentation so it is a must-have in the quest for perfect skin.

Step 4: Add in an Antioxidant Serum

Serum is like an insurance policy when worn under sunscreen. Make sure you choose one that contains vitamins C and E – Eminence Organics Citrus and Kale Serum (especially when partnered with the brand’s firming Rosehip Oil) is just brilliant. Remember though any new product you introduce could trigger a new skin issue, in which case you will need to go back to the reset week and start over.

Step 5: Treat Acne (If You Have It)

For people with acne, all other skincare matters are secondary. In most instances, acne sufferers will need to add specific acne-fighting products to their skincare armoury. Never buy over-the-counter products, it is better to see a skincare specialist for a consultation during which they can identify the causes and devise a treatment plan to minimise or even eradicate the acne.

Step 6: Identify your primary skin concerns 

To have your best possible skin, you need to identify the exact issues that are bothering and then try to fix them. If you need help making your list, find a picture of yourself when you were happier with your complexion and ask yourself what is different between then and now. Once you have your list, you can work on finding solutions to your problems.  

Step 7: Ask the expert

To advocate a real change, you may need professional help. A skincare expert can assess your skin and recommend a course of treatments and products that will generate beautiful, healthy, glowing skin – which can be a huge boost to anyone’s self-confidence!