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KeraStraight’s range of fabulous treatments ensure that hair is sleeker, smoother with a healthy, vibrant shine. Quite simply, it is gorgeous made easy!

 13178054_1136825399701701_8091278256063877868_nDid you know that at each of our branches we have a dedicated KeraStraight stylist?

In fact, why not book an appointment with Shakira at Jumeirah who is the only stylist in the UAE to have achieved 100% in the KeraStraight exam, making her a bona fide expert!

KeraStraight Ultimate

Forget everything you thought you knew about keratin treatments because the latest next-generation treatment – the KeraStraight KS Ultimate – changes everything! Kind to the hair, boasting unrivalled results and with no waiting time, KeraStraight KS Ultimate now boasts 33% more power, to work faster and provide enhanced shine and repair. Rather than rely on harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, KeraStraight KS Ultimate employs active ingredients, namely the innovative KS Complex, to encourage the re-building of keratin, which in turn repairs and strengthens the hair shaft to leave hair revitalised and with an incredible shine.

During the treatment, the KS Complex blends with the hair on your head, dramatically improving its quality on both the inside cortex and the outside cuticle layers. Smaller keratin molecules boost strength, elasticity and moisture to deliver smooth, soft, and straight hair, while larger keratin molecules protect against environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, and smoke.

Endorsed by hair industry guru, Trevor Sorbie, the KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment can be applied to ANY hair type over ANY previous chemical treatment, including virgin, coloured, highlighted or permed hair, and the results can last for up to four months. KS ULTIMATE combines speed, ease and simplicity with KeraStraight’s award winning straightening and repairing proteins, to deliver hair that is rebuilt and strengthed beyond compare.

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia says KeraStraight is the must-have treatment to tame frizzy hair

KeraStraight Intense Boost

Intense Boost utilises KeraStraight’s latest ground breaking Protein and Moisture Masks which have been designed to repair, re-hydrate and renew hair from the inside out. Each has been formulated using the same world leading protein technology as KeraStraight family of Treatments to ensure your hair is in the optimum condition. Intense Boost rebuilds what the hair lacks and locks in moisture and strength for up to 30 days.

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How long does Kerastraight treatment last?
Kerastraight treatment generally starts fading after 4 months, depending on your hair type and aftercare hair routine you follow.

Why is Kerastraight preferred over other treatments?
Unlike chemical-straightening relaxers that damage hair, keratin treatment involves the application of a keratin-based smoothing solution that strengthens your hair and ensures healthy, silky hair.

Is Kerastraight KS Ultimate Treatment permanent?
Kerastraight KS Ultimate Treatment is a semi-permanent treatment designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and feels amazing to the touch.

Can I color my hair after Kerastraight treatment?
Yes, you can colour your hair either 2 days before the treatment or alternatively 2 days after the treatment.


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