This is How to Stop your Hair Colour from Fading….

This is How to Stop your Hair Colour from Fading

A.K.A How to take care of coloured hair

There are numerous reasons that your carefully salon-crafted hair colour can fade.  Thankfully there are some steps you can take to ensure your colour remains vibrant all year round, whatever the weather or your lifestyle throws at you! 

It’s a good idea at the initial hair consultation to determine a haircare plan with your stylist. Figuring out how frequently you want to colour your hair, and planning your salon visits, is a good way to avoid hot roots. It’s best to refresh your roots when regrowth is around an inch long, to help ensure an even colour and to prevent something called “banding” – overlapping) new root colour down over old colour, as this can make your hair appear darker than colour solely applied to new hair growth, creating a “band” of a lighter colour at your roots – not a good look! A weekly masque is a must as healthy hair will hold onto colour better than dry, damaged hair. Work the product into clean, wet hair, paying extra attention to dry ends, and leave it on for eight to ten minutes; then rinse out. If your hair is very dry, then leave your chosen masque on for up to 20 minutes. Also, avoid any products that contain harsh laurel sulfates that can make the colour come out.

High temps open up the hair cuticle, sapping your colour —so take lukewarm showers and try to limit the use of heated tools – remember it’s difficult for hair colour to deposit evenly on fried, broken strands. Always use a thermal hair protecting product onto towel-dried hair before using any hot tools.

The current weather in the UAE demands time spent pool or beachside. The salt in seawater fades colourfast, while the chlorine in pool water can also discolour the hair, usually imparting a sickly green tinge. To avoid this and give your hair SPF, try using a protection product such as KeraStraight Sun Protect Spray.