Ramadan 2022: Hair Advice You Can Have Faith In

During the holy month of Ramadan, with the change in habits and diet, your hair can suffer. For some women, their hair feels dryer and brittle, while others experience hair loss. But, there are steps you can take to mitigate any impact and ensure your hair is as beautiful as possible come Eid.
Choose sulphate-free products
it is essential to keep your hair moisturized just like the rest of your body. Many shampoo brands on the market contain sulphates, which can extract the natural oils from the hair and dry it out. Therefore, using sulphate-free shampoos.

Eat well and healthy

Hair needs a good balance of omega 3, essential fatty acids and vitamins to stay strong and shiny. So, at Suhoor and Iftar, try to avoid salty and fried foods and opt for fruits and vegetables.
Invest in serums and masks
To avoid dullness, dryness and limp hair, complement your haircare routine with a serum. One of our best-sellers is Kerastase Elixir Ultime. The shine-enhancing oil can be used as a primer, finisher or refresher, sealing the look of split ends and smoothing the hair fibre for a sleek and perfected finish. It also delivers long-lasting frizz control and heat protection up to 230°C. For those who feel their hair needs a bit more TLC, Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense is an intensely nourishing hair masque that replenishes fibres from root to tip and locks in moisture whilst delivering nutrition deep into the core of the hair fibre to leave strands silky and supple with enhanced shine.
Ditch the hot hair tools
If possible, give your hair a break from heated tools such as dryers, straighteners and curling tongs as these can dry hair out and also have a negative impact on hair that is coloured. Try letting your hair dry naturally – perhaps you will discover new ways to embrace and style your natural hair type.

Embrace in-salon treatments
Ramadan is a time of detoxifying so why not extend this ethos to your hair care with a hair Detox treatment, which will restore and rejuvenate your hair and leave it looking its absolute best. Key to our in-salon detox is the Kerastase Fusio Scrub, a range developed to deeply cleanse the scalp and remove the build-up of products and pollutants. The detox protocol offers a choice of two scrubs, namely Scrub Apaisant, a gel rub which hydrates and calms the hair, suited to almost all hair types and Scrub Energisant, a seasalt-based scrub that deeply cleanses the scalp and is a perfect choice for oily hair types. The detox is finished with oil drops and a revitalizing massage that helps activate microcirculation to boost the scrub’s efficacy; and which will ensure the hair – and scalp – are in optimal condition for whatever treatment, if any, you choose to have after it. This hair detox ritual is a perfect upgrade to a bespoke treatment masque or a Fusio Dose tailor-made treatment to ensure your hair is healthy and full of vitality!