Invisibobble Nano Nude To Be True

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Invisibobble hair ties are Anti-allergic.


The magic trick to invisibobble’s traceless outcome lies in its peculiar telephone cord shape. When this invisibobble Nano Nude To Be True hair ring is wrapped around the hair, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of the ponytail; standard hair rings put even pressure on the hair, leaving an obvious mark.

The uneven pressure produced by the invisibobble allows for the hair to be held strongly in the ponytail without being too tight. This gives individual hairs more space within the ponytail than they would have when wearing a normal hairband.


  1. Traceless
  2. Avoid headaches
  3. No split ends
  4. Non-soaking
  5. Anti-allergic
  6. Nude color

Directions to use invisibobble Nano Nude To Be True Hair Ring

Brush out knots, flyaways, and tangles. Use the hair ring to create your favorite hairstyle with the Invisibobble Nano Styling Tool. The Invisibobble Nano Ring places even pressure around the ponytail, allowing it to be strongly held without making it too tight. The benefit is that the individual hair gets more space within the ponytail.


The Invisibobble is composed of polyurethane, better known as artificial resin. Polyurethane is particularly hygienic since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria and has a very easily cleaned surface.