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Kerastase Densifique Potion Serum Jeunesse 100ml

Densifique Potion Hair Serum for treating thinning and greying hair concerns.

Densifique Potion Hair Serum Jeunesse 120ml by Kerastase is a hair serum treating thinning and greying hair concerns by compensating the loss of hair quality. It protects the melanin of the hair (at the source of natural pigmentation of hair) while this advanced formula helps the hair fiber to regain its initial youthfulness. Hair glows with restored supple softness and volume making it easier to style.

How To Apply:

Apply 2-3 doses directly on the scalp section by section. Massage with fingers. Spray 3-4 doses on the lengths and comb to distribute the product equally. Do not rinse. Use the hair drier to activate the treatment. Dosage: 15 doses for short hair and 20 doses for long hair.

Benefits of Densifique Potion Hair Serum Jeunesse :

  1. Compensates loss of quality
  2. Protects melanin of the hair
  3. The hair fiber regains its initial youthfulness and glow
  4. Supple softness and dazzling volume
  5. Density & Volume
  6. Shine & Manageability
  7. Restores youthful softness

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