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Salon in a Bottle Darkest Brown Black

Darkest brown black Spray Colour for Hair Deep dark espresso shades and Black shades.

Darkest brown black Spray Colour for Hair Deep dark espresso shades and Black shades.
Salon in a Bottle Spray Colour For Hair covers gray roots in seconds. Our product is an elegant solution to root regrowth
Simply THE BEST root concealer anywhere.


Our elegant root concealer Salon in a Bottle Spray Colour for Hair allows you to cover gray re growth with shiny natural looking perfection in SECONDS. Our little blue bottle fits in your purse and in your luggage perfect for touch ups in between hair color visits. Bring salon quality root concealer into your hair care routine.


To pesky gray roots Salon in a Bottle salon quality root concealer spray has a unique formula that delivers coverage and shine flawlessly. Our precision actuator ensures the product goes only where you want it on re growth. Salon in a Bottle root concealer Spray Colour for Hair is.


Our product is salon quality and a great value with 50+ applications per bottle. You can cover gray roots flawlessly quickly and feel beautiful and put together in seconds. Salon in a Bottle covers your gray root re growth with gorgeous natural color it blends with your own hair flawlessly with sheen and softness. Application takes less than 30 seconds and our salon quality product doesn’t come off until YOU shampoo it off.
Salon in a Bottle will become your favorite go to product when you need to look together between hair color visits.

Our exclusive formula delivers shine and softness with excellent pigment for perfect coverage of gray root re growth. We are confident that our formula and precision nozzle make our product superior to all others in root coverage.

We spent 3 years perfecting the formula and precision nozzle of Salon in a Bottle to solve the pesky problem of gray re growth between hair color appointments. Our salon quality root concealer spray gives you soft, shiny, natural coverage and it water proof and takes only seconds to apply. WE are confident you will LOVE Salon in a Bottle and take it everywhere with you for a quick fix to gray roots.

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