Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring Clean Your Skin

While our new year’s resolutions may have gone off-piste by now, as the new season of Spring unfolds, March is the perfect month to assess and even shake-up your skincare regime and give your skin a thorough spring-clean (and plenty of TLC) before the summer holidays arrive.

The Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment is a brilliant way to rid the skin of congestion. It effectively purifies and clarifies helping to refine the skin texture. Skin is cleansed, exfoliated using exfoliating enzyme peel with steam and a light massage before gentle extractions are done to clean the pores. Finally, a mask if applied, which absorbs excess oil, leaving skin radiant and glowing. 

The delicate eye area can always benefit from TLC and the Nimue Collagen Renewal Eye Treatment is an active eye treatment includes the application of a double mask system which promises to instantly revive and help lighten dark circles. This genius treatment also plumps crow’s feet and stimulates collagen production to give a firm tightening effect.

For those who want to inject a little spa-time into their at-home skincare regimes, the Maskologist Rose Glowing Potion Hydrogel Mask is terrific. Infused with rose petals, this luxurious beautifying treatment has healing qualities thanks to the flower’s natural oils which, together with the petals are infused into the mask’s gel for maximum effect and healing. The rose petal contains antioxidants and nutrients as well as minerals which, coupled with the rose’s essential oils will produce a softer and healthier skin – the skin you have always dreamed about and deserve. After using this mask, you will enjoy smoother and softer skin with the bonus of long-lasting hydration and protection. 

So, this month, why not make a commitment to make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle!