The Four Trademark Styles of Winter 2021

The Four Trademark Styles of Winter 2021

As Pastels Salon launches its latest two collections – Urban and Ivory Urban – both of which are inspired by the legacy of lockdown and the dawning of a new post-Covid era where self-expression runs free and knows no constraint, Natalie Kasses, the salon’s Creative Director gives us a breakdown of the styles that will dominate this new fashion season.

Fringes in all their forms will be popular, but the most popular incarnation will be a strong and low-fuss choice. Added to that is the grown-out bang look that is defined by choppier layers and plenty of them. Layers in curly or coily hair creates volume and highlights individual curls and the addition of a few shorter face-framing pieces can be incredibly flattering.

Bobs are going nowhere. But the square outlined, shorter, blockier bob will be the most popular incarnation as it is very versatile – it can be ironed smooth and glossy to get it looking super sharp, or it can be left looking tousled with beach waves or by letting it dry naturally.

The mullet is a bold commitment but one with an edgy, rebellious attitude. It can be softened by balayage or a pastel tint.

Dramatic chops such as buzz cut sides pays a brave, modern and edgy homage to self-expression. It is very much Grace Jones meets GenZ in this razor-sharp look. It’s a very edgy, rebellious, as well as being a sleek cut that can show off your face.