These Are The (Hair) Treatments That Can Transform

With so many masques and treatments on offer in the haircare sector, it can be difficult to know which treatment to choose and most importantly, which one will address your haircare concerns, while leaving your hair healthy and with a mirror-like shine. But, there are three that stand apart and are truly haircare heroes, delivering unbelievable results!

Best for Frizz: BRAE Smoothing Botox promises smooth, soft, silky hair with a glass-like shine for up to three months and have recently been hailed on Harper’s Bazaar Arabia! Brought to you by BRAÉ Hair Care, the treatment combines a bespoke cocktail of active ingredients and advanced nanotechnology to guarantee results, without compromising the health of the hair. Unlike rival treatments, BRAE Smoothing Botox is a one-step system of keratin straightening and takes less than one hour for the product to activate on the hair.

Best customisable treatment: Kerastase Fusio Dose centres around a mixology bar that combines a concentré and booster to create a customised mix of super concentrated, blended formula for personalized care, designed to transform the look of your hair. With four concentrés available to target your primary need and five powerful boosters to enhance your hair’s health, Fusio Dose offers the ultimate bespoke conditioning treatment.

Best for restoring shine instantly: K Water protects hair from the humidity that causes frizz and ruins perfect blow-dries. Touted as a ‘raincoat for the hair’, the silicone-free K Water treatment forms a shield to protect against environmental elements that cause frizz. Its lamellar technology, borrowed from skincare, delivers repairing amino acids and proteins only to areas that need it. After only a few seconds of contact, K Water will dramatically improve the quality of the hair, leaving it incredible healthy and weightlessly fluidified. Hair is protected from breakage and is easier to comb, blowdry and style. It is perfect for hair lovers who are short on time!