This Is How To Prep Your Hair For Summer!

This Is How To Prep Your Hair For Summer!

Summer is not a time known to be kind to the hair, thanks to its harsh combination of sun, saltwater, chlorine and heat. But, thanks to a range of in-salon haircare rituals from haircare supremo, Kerastase you can ensure your hair has the best chance of surviving summer’s stresses! With one suited to a specific hair type, each one-hour ritual offers a thorough sequence of caring gestures, deeply treating hair from root to tip.

For those blessed with gorgeous coils or curls, the Curl Manifesto ritual is your hair’s BFF. Formulated with hydrating Manuka Honey and cementing Ceramide, it provides the perfect combination of hydration, definition & strength. The result is beautiful, healthy and bouncy curls with zero frizz.

Harnessing the power of the Chroma Absolu range, the Coloured Hair ritual is perfect for all types of sensitized or damaged colour treated hair. Penetrating the hair fibre’s core for increase strength, resilience and filled porosity, hair is left healthier, nourished and reflecting intense shine, enhancing colour longevity.

Despite being the root cause of many hair concerns, scalp care is too often neglected. The Hair Transformation ritual is a unique protocol that features a signature Double Cleansing gesture featuring the deeply purifying Fusio Scrub, which removes the build-up of products and pollutants, a generous massage using Masque Apaisant, which activates microcirculation to boost the scrub’s efficacy and a bespoke Fusio Dose beauty “shot” to beautify the hair.

Designed for those looking for the ultimate indulgence for their hair, the luxury caviar ritual is based on the best-selling Chronologiste range, which works like a miraculous elixir to purify and revive lifeless hair. It features the signature mimetic caviar pearls that are mixed into the mask moments before applying. The scalp is regenerated and soothed, hair feels toned, strengthened and repaired, locks are silky and glowing with newfound volume.

With such fabulous in-salon treatments on offer to give your hair a boost of TLC, you can be confident it will be head-turning this summer, wherever you may be!