Tiktok Skincare Hacks: Your Face’s Friend Or Foe?

Tiktok Skincare Hacks: Your Face’s Friend Or Foe?

In recent years, research has shown that TikTok users who are the most likely to get beauty inspiration or advice from social media. Post-pandemic, the number of TikTok influencers centred around beauty and skincare exploded, with their short, unfiltered videos often providing the inspiration for trends becoming viral. But could these trends really offer benefit to the skin or are some doing more harm than good? We investigate…

Trend #1: Pimple Popping
It might be satisfying to pop that spot but this is not an advisable practice. If you pick at your spots, you are more likely to develop scarring. This is especially the case for deep spots. If you press on them when they are not ready it ends up rupturing underneath the skin, which causes permanent scarring because it damages your underlying collagen. For this reason, I still recommend you follow a good acne regimen that’s simple and effective that will get rid of your pimples and keep you from picking at them.

Trend #2: Snails
Snail slime is naturally rich in glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, collagen, antimicrobial peptides, copper peptides, and more. So, it’s great for acne-prone skin, aging skin and hyperpigmentation concerns. But some TikTokers started placing actual snails on their faces rather than using skincare products.  In fact, it is much better to rely on products that have been developed in a lab, where it is assured that the extract is cruelty-free and yet the best can be extracted and formulated using Biotechnology.

Trend #3: Gua Sha
The ancient Chinese practice of Gua Sha skin scraping is another viral skincare trend that’s become enormously popular. Actually, the way it was done historically was practitioners would drag the tool over the skin until you started bruising, and then through the wound healing process it would help to rejuvenate the skin. But there is no proof that this ancient method is actually beneficial to the skin in any way. But, it helps move lymphatic fluid towards your lymph nodes, which helps to depuff temporarily, so it can give you a little bit of a jolt in the morning, but be aware it’s not going to shape your jaw, it’s not going to help you lose fat, it’s not going to help improve your skin quality in any way.

Trend #4: Ice rolling
The use of tools such as these can help to soothe inflammation, decrease puffiness, and improve lymphatic drainage. The cool temperature combined with the pressure applied during rolling causes blood vessels to dilate and increases circulation, which can reduce swelling and boost skin radiance.

Trend# 5: Using dermatology tools at home
Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure during which very small needles are used to create microscopic wounds in the epidermis of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin within the skin. But while it can help improve overall skin tone, boost skin elasticity, and result in a healthy, youthful complexion, it should not be done at home as you could compromise your skin’s barrier and cause real injury. A facial brush is a great skincare tool for those with oily or acne-prone skin. It can penetrate the pores and cleanse the skin at a much deeper level than what is possible when you just use a cloth to cleanse. Silicone brushes are ideal for sensitive skin types who may find that a bristle brush is too abrasive. But you should only use the facial brush to exfoliate your skin a few times a week.