What is a Callus Peel and Why You Might Need One?

If you’ve found yourself investing a little too heavily in the trainer trend and avoiding sandals, mules and sling-back shoes because of the hard skin on the soles of your feet, then it’s definitely time to try a callus peel! This treatment is a simple and pain-free way of getting rid of dry skin often found on your feet and will definitely make you want to show off your feet, in all their glory.

Calluses form when your skin becomes dry and dehydrated and while moisturising regularly can help, sometimes you need a stronger intervention – enter the Callus Peel. This revitalising foot treatment is ideal for people whose feet need a little bit of extra TLC. It removes hard, callused skin and adds moisture in just 20 minutes.  The treatment starts with the application of a skin softener is applied to the areas which are affected the most from hard skin. Next, the feet are wrapped to enhance the effects of the softener. After a few minutes, the wrapping is removed, exposing the newly softened skin. This is then scraped away gently in a pain-free procedure. Once all the hard skin and calluses are removed, the skin is polished with a foot file. Finally, a moisturising treatment is applied to keep your feet feeling (and looking) amazing for as long as possible.

So if the thought of getting your feet out leaves you in a slight state of panic, a Callus Peel will work wonders for your confidence. After all, life’s too short to be worrying about your feet…