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Facial Treatment Dubai - Skincare Prices - Pastels Salon
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skincare Prices

Experience a transformation at Pastels, where we’re dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and restoring your skin’s vitality. We proudly feature products from internationally acclaimed, award-winning brands. At Pastels, we’re committed to helping you achieve realistic skin health goals, making you feel confident every day and shine on special occasions!


Signature Facials

Teenager Facial | 45 Mins

AED 285

Eye Contour | 45 Mins

AED 220

Collagen Boost | 45 Mins

AED 265

Express | 45 Mins

AED 350

Deep Clean | 1 Hour (click for more information)

AED 475

This treatment is essential because it helps you get rid of dead skin cells and impurities. You won’t have to worry about problems like fine lines, skin dehydration, and extensive breakouts anymore. The treatment includes: cleansing, exfoliating, removing blackheads, hydrating, face massage and face mask. This treatment is beneficial for anyone who wants clear, rejuvenated and glowing skin.

By Guinot

Our exclusive Guinot beauty treatments are suited to different skin types and beauty objectives. Guinot has applied all the latest scientific advances and discoveries in skin biology to offer treatments that are not only based on the cutting edge skincare techniques but also comfortable and pleasant.

Hydra Clean | 1 Hour (click for more information)

AED 285

Thanks to the only treatment method of its kind in the world, the hydra clean treatment is designed to cleanse the face focusing on the T Zone and combines deep cleaning and a relaxing massage that leaves the skin clear and radiant!

Detoxygene | 1 Hour (click for more information)

AED 475

In just one hour, this treatment helps remove dead skin cells, eliminates toxins and pollution, and oxygenates the skin. It’s the perfect solution for dull and tired skin. By allowing your skin to breathe, it will leave it looking radiant.

︎Hydra Peel | 1 Hour

AED 475

Express | 45 Mins

AED 350

Age Summum | 90 Mins (click for more information)

AED 545

This treatment by Guinot, our expert in anti-aging skincare, acts on all levels of the epidermis to minimize signs of aging on the face, neck, hands, dark spots and lack of firmness.

Lift Summum | 90 Mins (click for more information)

AED 545

This is a lifting treatment that smoothes and firms any areas affected by loss of firmness. Combining advanced movements with high performance active firming ingredients, it ensures an instant visible lifting effect.

Hydra Dermie Lift | 90 Mins (click for more information)

AED 545

Hydra Dermie is a treatment that visually rejuvenates the skin by restoring its cellular energy.

By Image

Our philosophy is simple: Image now… Age later… Image skincare is the leader in professional skincare, they are a clinical grade skincare brand powered by clinical ingredients and smart botanicals to give you the healthiest skin. Image uses breakthrough technology that’s proven over and over again to lead to real long term results. Whatever your skin’s challenge, we’ve got a solution to support you on your journey toward healthy glowing skin.

Ormedic | 90 Mins (click for more information)

AED 545

Achieve balance, comfort, and soothing effects – essential elements for a healthy skin barrier. This treatment’s formulation incorporates carefully selected, potent organic and clinical ingredients for optimal results.

O2 Lift Facial | 90 Mins (click for more information)

AED 595

This luxurious red carpet ready treatment infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cell peptides and high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous refreshed and rejuvenated. Perfect for those with tired, dull, sagging skin that are looking to tighten, brighten and renew their complexion – the o2 lift is a must have treatment

Acne Lift Treatment (click for more information)

AED 545

A combination of AHA and BHA treatments that helps reduce blemishes and redness. It is suitable for oily skin and break out prone skin.

Wrinkles Lift | 90 Mins

AED 545

Signature | 90 Mins

AED 545

The Image signature facial is a best seller. It rejuvenates and boosts radiance with a blend of vitamin C, fruit enzymes and plant stem cells. It brings the freshest, healthiest skin cells to the surface while visibly firming and uplifting the skin.


The Hawaiian | 3 Facials 90 Mins + 1 Free

AED 1,635

The Zanzibar | 3 Facials 1 Hour + 1 Free

AED 1,425

Dermalux FLEX Treatment

Dermalux is a world leading British brand for professional LED phototherapy. Medically certified and FDA approved, it provides clinically proven results for a wide range of indications and applications: treating acne, psoriasis wound healing, pain relief, pigmentation and lines and wrinkles.

Explore the different types

Red Light

Supercharges cell energy to accelerate repair and renewal, boost collagen synthesis, increase hydration and enhance circulation to reverse the visible signs of ageing. Ideal for restoring vitality and glow.

Blue Light

The most proven wavelength to destroy the bacteria which causes acne and improve skin clarity whilst being gentle on the skin. Powerful antibacterial action also has a calming effect to reduce redness and inflammation.

Near infrared Yellow light

Targets deeper cells to trigger the wound healing process, calm redness and irritation, reduce pigmentation and promote healthy skin. Combine with Red for advanced rejuvenation benefits.

Tri-wave therapy

Dermalux are the ONLY LED devices to deliver all 3 wavelengths simultaneously at the optimum power for superior and lasting results.

︎Super Boost | Course Of 12

AED 2,100

6 Days / 7 Days Off / 6 Days Again Or 3 Days A Week

The Boost | Course Of 6

AED 1,050

1 Session

AED 210

︎Add On Dermalux FLEX Light With A Facial | 15 Mins

AED 105

Led Facial | 1 Hour Facial + 30 Mins Led

AED 670

Back Cleanse | Includes Led

AED 370 VAT incl.