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EIDEAL Curling Guru White - Pastels Salon

EIDEAL Curling Guru White

Hair Curling Iron Curl Guru White provides you with curls that will last for hours.

Hair Curling Iron Curl Guru White provides you with curls that will last for hours.

EIDEAL Hair Curling Iron Features:

Ceramic seal:

The super-smooth ceramic barrel makes curling effortless whilst infrared heat emissions seal the cuticle reducing frizz and preserving moisture.

Technology to last:

Developed using the latest technology Curl Guru utilizes Nano-Titanium and Nano-Silver to ensure your curls last for hours.

Anti-Frizz features:

The Ionized Bristles emit negative ions to reduce static and enhance shine leaving your hair soft, bouncy and frizz-free

Rotate and Curl:

The Barrel makes styling your hair fast and easy. Simply grip the hair with the bristles and rotate it around the barrel.


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