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Invisibobble Nano Make Up Your Mind - Pastels Salon

Invisibobble Nano Make Up Your Mind

This hair ring perfect for any style or occasion.

Exclusively designed to coordinate with the latest catwalk trends, the invisibobble Styling Beauty Collection is based around classic makeup looks with a muted color palette and chic boxing.

Highlights of Invisibobble Nano Make Up Your Mind Styling Beauty Collection

The Nano in Make-Up Your Mind Beauty Collection is a revolutionary hair tie perfect for any style or occasion. Ideal for separating smaller sections or securing braids and up-dos, the functional bobble is made from an ultra-flexible coil with a comfortable shape to help prevent headaches and kinks. The non-soaking design and smooth surface mean it will keep dry no matter what, helping to prevent tangles, breakage, and split ends caused by snagging.

Anti-allergic, Includes 3 x hair ties.


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