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NG Dryer Super Energy 3800


NG Beauty Design 3800 Hair Dryer has two narrow nozzles and a 1780W motor for fast and effective results. This blow dryer also gives your hair a visible shine.The NG Beauty Design 3800 Super Energy Hair Dryer never lets your hair get dull or frizzy. It features various advanced technologies to make your hair frizz free, damage resistant, silky smooth, and healthy. It uses a 1780W power output that gives high speed to the powerful airflow for maximum results in less time. With its four temperature and two speed settings, the control to get your desired results is in your hands always.

This blow dryer blows intense air over the entire surface area of your hair with its ceramic energy feature. Making the process quick is the high powered motor. This gives your perfectly dried out hair in minutes. The powerful airflow is infused with ionic technology that releases charged negative ions into your strands. It effectively replaces frizz with smoothness, dullness with a glossy shine, while deeply conditioning the hair along the way. The thermal technology keeps the moisture of your hair intact to make it look and feel healthy.

This professional hair dryer features nickel chrome heating elements for even heat distribution. Its brushes are made from long lasting materials. It also features a removable lint filter and safety thermostat for secure and convenient usage. The two nozzles have a narrow shape that creates a perfect balance between power and heat, providing efficient drying and styling. You can use this hair dryer comfortably from a long distance away from the socket with its light, flexible, and long 3m cable.


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