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Hair Curling Wand Gives Effortless Styling With Superior Comfort And Safety.

Whether you desire gorgeous defined curls or strive for a salon-worthy finish, discover CURLIE by EIDEAL.

Eideal Curlie curling wand EID28M is developed using the latest technology combined with the finest natural resources, including nano-titanium oxide and nano-silver, CURLIE curling iron guarantees glamorous curls for every occasion. With a Hair curling wand, you can Experience effortless styling with our luxurious diamond-coated barrel and enjoy the superior comfort and safety of our heat-resistant grip. Reaching temperatures of up to 220 degrees, infrared heat emissions preserve moisture ensuring hair is smooth, shiny, and lustrous – always!


  1. Digital Temperature Control for precise finishing on all hair types
  2. Super Smooth Diamond Coated barrel for effortless curling
  3. Infrared heat emission to protect hair luster and moisture
  4. Greater durability and exceptional thermal conductivity
  5. Fast Heat-up Maximum Temperature 220C / 428F
  6. Curl & Wave; the ultimate in styling versatility
  7. Auto- shut- off protection after one hour
  8. Barrel size: 25mm DIA

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